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God wants you to live free and enjoy the abundant life. He wants to break every curse and release every blessing on your life, family, relationship, business, finances and future. Get ready to walk in freedom and the blessings of a new beginning. Your offering today not only connects them with an anointing to break every curse, but will go toward supporting our humanitarian projects in Israel, especially our care for Holocaust Survivors!

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Ministry Letter - January 2015

Dear Friend,

Are you living under a curse?

You may be. I certainly was.

My father was angry, violent. Although my brothers and I desperately wanted to break the pattern of his sins, as adults, we each began manifesting the very same behavior we had feared as
his children.

By God's grace, I am so grateful to report that my father eventually came to faith in Christ-but that didn't make the curse any less real. By the early 70s, I was lost in a world of crime, violence and drug addiction. I was running from the law. Searching for who-knows-what. Looking in all the wrong places.

Now maybe you expect me to tell you that when Jesus found me, everything turned beautiful, but that's not how it was. Yes, Jesus found me-in a tiny church in Flagstaff, Arizona. He saved me. He redeemed me, and I found the life I was searching for.

Yet even as I became a Christian, even as I became a husband and father, even as I became a pastor, there was something in me, lying beneath the surface…

I was carrying a family curse.

I have been sharing my story for over 30 years now to help others, but back then, try as I might, I couldn't control my anger, and was too ashamed to admit it to anyone.

One day my four-year-old son did something-I don't even remember what it was-and rage rose up within me. I grabbed him and shoved him so hard that he bounced off the wall.

It was in that horrible moment as I saw him cringe in terror, and felt the guilt and remorse flooding in, that I spoke five agonizing words:


I was living under a generational curse, on the brink of passing it along to my precious family. It had to stop.

But how do you break the curse? How do you end the cycle?

Since that horrible day when I terrified my little boy, I have devoted my life to studying everything God says in His Word about breaking generational curses-and I want to share some of what the Lord showed me:

Family curses can be broken in your life, too.
You can live in freedom, in victory!

While a curse can come into your life through something you've done or something someone has done to you, it can also be inherited. We see this when God talks to the Israelites in Exodus 20, which says, " visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children
to the third and fourth generations
" (20:5).

Breaking a curse is about dealing with the iniquity-the driving force to commit
sin-and getting to the spiritual root and severing it forever.

Understand this: Jesus bought and paid for your salvation on the Cross of Calvary, but even though the blessing has been paid for, it can only be fully received if the curse is broken.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people break the generational curses in their lives, whether it is anger, sickness, divorce, addiction or poverty. You can be set free and experience the fullness of the blessing of God, as John 8:36 promises,
"Who the Son sets free, is free indeed!"

What does this mean for you? It means that Jesus came not only to forgive your sins but also to break the power of every family curse.

Once your curse is broken, you are free!
Any blessings that were blocked because of that curse can be poured out upon your life!

This is why I am writing to you today. As we begin this new year, I want to help you take a spiritual stand against every family curse and walk into your new beginning!

Declare this with me...

Father, right now, I break every generational curse in my life, family and future. I release every covenant blessing into my life in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Tiz and I want you to know, you are not alone, we are standing in faith with you and have set up a special time of prayer-so that whatever curse you are living under, whatever burden you're carrying, whatever pain you can't seem to pray through-we will gather together on your behalf Sunday, March 1 to lift your needs before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16)…and help you claim your miracle!

Why March 1? Because it is the final Sunday before Purim, the biblical celebration from the book of Esther, when the Jewish people were supernaturally delivered from Haman, who had plotted to annihilate them. Queen Esther interceded on behalf of her people, and they prevailed!

Purim is a perfect picture and an appointed time for the breakthrough and blessings God has for you. After what you do today, Tiz and I will celebrate with you as we join together in faith, knowing the curse will be broken from your life. You are set free. You will prevail. You will be blessed!

I urge you to take two crucial steps immediately:

1. Write your needs on the enclosed prayer card, and return them to us right away. I want to be sure your prayer requests are here by February 27.

2. Please include a generous gift of support for this ministry. Not only will your gift help us continue ministering to you and to multitudes, but it will also be a seed-it will release your faith-it will set your miracle in motion!

This is your call to FREEDOM.

God has incredible blessings, miracle breakthroughs, healing, salvation-and so much more-but you first have to kill the weeds that the enemy sows that would choke out your harvest.

Please let me hear from you quickly. Thank you for being our friend, and for your support of our ministry! God bless you!

Our best is yet to come,

When I receive your gift, I'll thank you by sending you further resources to help you break free from whatever curse you're living under. Let it bless you as God has blessed me through you!


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