The Feast Of Yom Kippur

We are living in amazing times, prophetic times. Right now, there are many signs that the coming of the Lord is nearby. Biblical birth pangs that the return of the Messiah is coming soon are happening virtually every day.

Day 40 – 40 Days of the Shofar

One of the ways God gives us to fight this from happening to us is with the shofar (God’s trumpet) – a powerful weapon of your spiritual warfare. The Bible teaches when you blow the shofar you will:

• Awaken from spiritual slumber and spiritual sluggishness.
• Get back on track with loving God and loving people.
• Be reminded that God’s appointed time for blessing is approaching.
• Break the power of deception so you can see clearly.
• Defeat the enemies that have been coming against you.

Day 39 – 40 Days of the Shofar

Once you discover the revelation hidden in these biblical holidays, you will walk in a whole new level of wisdom, anointing and blessing! Now, on God’s calendar, we are approaching Sukkot — the “Feast of Tabernacles” — when God comes to tabernacle with us. This is when we rejoice in the Lord and thank Him for all He has done and all He has provided.

Day 38 – 40 Days of the Shofar

How often do people judge a book by its cover? When God was going to pick a king, the prophet came and Jesse brought out all the good looking sons, the muscular sons and the educated sons. He didn’t even think to bring in David, the son that God had chosen.

There is a well-known fictional story about a couple who wanted to donate money to an East Coast university. When the board saw the man wearing bib overalls and his wife in a shabby dress, they said, ‘Oh no, go away.”

So the “farmers” went out and founded their own university. They named it after their son, Stanford. The board members only saw the outward appearance. They never knew, until it was too late, that the couple was worth a fortune! While the story is fiction, it is a great illustration.