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Pastor Larry Receives Prestigious Award

We are honored to announce that our very own Pastor Larry Huch has been selected as the first-ever recipient of the John Henry Patterson Guardian of Zion Award!

Watch Sam Grundwerg’s special video message where he shares about the man behind the award.

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Sam Grundwerg shared that “This award is a token of appreciation for all his love and support for Keren Hayesod and the Jewish people and we are honored to have him as not only a leader but a friend and family member who has dedicated his time and sacred work to fulfilling Bible prophecy.”

This prestigious award was presented by Karen Hayesod for his unwavering support and generosity to Israel and the Jewish people at the Annual Leadership Conference this week.

In a recent article in The Jerusalem Post, Pastor Larry explained his mission saying, “Our job isn’t to convert anybody. Our job is to bring the Church back to loving the Torah, back to loving the word of God, back to loving our Jewish brothers and sisters, and back to loving the biblical Land of Israel”.

Although he is honored to receive this award, Pastors Larry and Tiz know that they are able to fulfill this mission because of their faithful partners and friends who continue to contribute to our many outreaches.

Thanks to your integrity, hard work, prayers, support, and donations, you have helped provide critical support to Israel’s most vulnerable!

Whether it was through
Project Aliyah bringing new immigrants to Israel from Ethiopia and Kazakhstan, or caring for Israel’s Holocaust survivors and the residents of Amigour housing, or any of our other Israel Outreaches—God has seen your work behind the scenes.

Pastor Larry has been on the front lines of caring for God’s people and we honor his outstanding leadership and obedience to the call of God along with your tremendous generosity. So, we say “Congratulations!” to Pastors Larry and Tiz and all of our faithful LHM family who have sewn into this ministry.

Thank you for your continued support and your prayers. Thank you for standing with Israel. Thank you for being a blessing! May our Lord continue to bless you abundantly—with wisdom, health, and wealth.

We love you!
Larry Huch Ministries

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Hand Delivering Hope in A Box

One of our greatest outreaches is providing for elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors.

Close to 7,500 of these elderly Jewish people are living in one of our Amigour homes where together with our partner agency in Israel we provide for them to live independently, yet remain connected to many unique social services that Larry Huch Ministries and friends like you help fund.

These safe housing units are caring environments that empower elderly Jews, like Hannah. She was a young, eight-year-old when her parents were hauled away by the Nazis to a concentration camp. She had to forage for food just to survive. That feeling of helplessness has stayed with Hannah into her adult years. Fortunately, she was able to make aliyah to Israel and now lives in one of our homes.

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LHM’s Compassion in Action: Saving Lives and Supporting Traumatized Children 

Several southern Israeli cities recently came under intense attack as a barrage of rocket fire from Gaza continued for days. Elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors faced ongoing fears of knowing that emergency alert sirens could, and would, sound at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, at one of our partner homes in Ashkelon, each floor had a bomb shelter for elderly Jewish women and men to take quick refuge.

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Thousands say ‘Never Again’ at March of the Living in Poland

Pastor Larry Huch plus LHM staff attended this year’s March of the Living in Poland.
This annual event is a living remembrance of the Jewish victims of the Auschwitz— Birkenau death camp. Over 13,000 people marched in honor of the many millions of innocent lives lost during this tragic time. his annual event contrasts the death marches Jews were forced to take by Nazi soldiers who shot those who fell or who lagged behind.

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