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Purim – Season For the Supernatural and Double Miracles


Now Is the Season for the Supernatural and Double Miracles

On the Hebrew calendar we’re in the month of Adar. Because this is a leap year, 2022 is a double Adar. Adar 1 begins on the evening of February 1 and Adar 2 begins on the night of March 3rd. This is 60 days of double joy and double blessing to nullify everything the enemy (Haman) is trying to do to stop your destiny. The word Adar in Hebrew means “strength and power” and ancient Jewish wisdom teaches that Adar is a season of great joy. Purim is celebrated in the second Adar and it’s a time of great miracles when God takes your story and turns it upside down, just like He did for Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people. We’re going to share with you some of that story, but take some time on your own and read the entire Book of Esther. When you do, you’ll discover that it is the only book in the Bible where the name of God is not mentioned. Why is that? Keep reading and you’ll find the answer.

This Is An Appointed Time When God Does Great Miracles

You’ve heard Pastor Larry say, and no doubt seen this statement on the pages of his books and in other blogs, “God is God 24/7.” But during the Biblical holidays and feasts His presence and power is even greater. As we celebrate Purim, read the story of Esther, and remember the amazing things God did for the Jewish people. It’s also time to get ready to receive what God has for us. He wants us to experience His presence, power, signs and wonders and miracles and walk in the supernatural every day.

It’s during Adar, every year, that Jews around the world, remember the story of Esther and Mordecai and their miraculous deliverance from Haman and his co-conspirators. We might not be reading their story today had it not been for a critical decision. The ancient sages almost didn’t include it in the Old Testament. They thought, “Do we include the book of Esther?” Why was there even a question about adding it? Because God’s name never occurred even one time throughout the entire book. But they realized that God’s Spirit ran through every part of the story.

Even When You Think God Isn't There - He Is!

We can’t possibly share the entire Book of Esther with you in this blog, but we encourage you to take time and read it for yourself. Even though things seemed to be going wrong for Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people, God was working behind the scenes to turn their story upside down. At each turn they must have thought –Where is God? Why isn’t He helping us? We’ve all felt that way from time to time. Yet, God’s hidden hand was moving people and circumstances to accomplish His plan and deliver the Jewish people. A favorite scripture to many is Romans 8:28. It says, “All things work together for good, to those that love God and are called according to His purpose.” Throughout the Book of Esther, it seemed as if everything was going against them. In the end, what Satan meant for evil, and for the destruction of the Jewish people was turned for their good.

Your Miracle Is Hidden In a Miracle For Someone Else

We are so thankful that just a couple of months ago, we were able to bring some at-risk youth to Israel from Kazakhstan. Those who partnered with us, played a part in the hidden hand of God. Together, our response helped to bring them the miracle they had been waiting for. That was an urgent situation that needed supernatural intervention. We worked with the Israeli government and were able to bring three planes full of young people and their parents to Jerusalem. Halleluiah! Unfortunately, today Russian soldiers occupy their former homeland. However, we pray that those left behind are able to escape or be rescued.
As you are reading this, maybe you, or a family member, or a friend needs a miracle. You can’t go another day without experiencing God’s supernatural presence and power. God’s hidden hand is working behind the scenes for you already. Your miracle is on its way!

When You Save One Life, You Are Changing Their World

As you are believing for your miracle, you can be a miracle for 3,000 Jews in Ethiopia. They need your help now. Ancient Jewish wisdom says, “When you save one life, it is as if you saved the whole world.” Why have the Jewish people been hated for so long? It’s not because they are Jewish, but because they are the chosen people of God. We are “grafted into” them as the “one new man” of prophetic scripture.

What God did for Esther, Mordecai, and the Jewish people; He will do for you. We believe that’s why you are reading this right now. Your miracle is hidden in providing a miracle for the Jews that are living in Ethiopia-desperate to make Aliyah. They are facing an impossible situation that is life-threatening. The current Rise of anti-Semitism is the same anti-Semitic spirit that tried to destroy the Jewish people in Esther’s time. Today, your act of love and compassion can be the hidden hand of God to these precious Jewish people. Just like Esther, we have been born for such a time as this – a supernatural season of God’s presence, power and miracles. He is saying to us right now, “People of God rise up. It’s your time to stand up. I’m waiting on you.“

You Have a Unique Part to Play In These Times

God has His part to do, but you also have yours. Let’s look at how Esther did her part. Because of Haman’s plot leading to the king’s decree and its danger to the Jewish people, Esther’s cousin, Mordecai told her to go and admit to her husband that she was a Jew. The law in this time, said that anyone who went to the king uninvited could be put to death. However, Mordecai reminded her that perhaps she had been born for “such a time as this” to save her people.

We read in Esther 4 that despite the danger, she went ahead and called her fellow Jews to fast and pray for her and with her for three days. She decided to go to see the king unannounced and by a miracle of God, the king’s heart was melted when He saw her. As she did her part, God did His and completely turned her story upside down. God indeed would protect her and her people.

The Jews during Esther’s time would have been destroyed had she not stood up. Just one person stood and did her part. She was born for just that moment in that specific time. We too are born for this time. When God’s miraculous power is being released like never before, we are going to tear down the walls of division and be the “one new man” of prophetic scripture, and bring God’s miracles to the Jewish people. Ask yourself, “What happens right before the coming of the Messiah?” Signs, wonders and miracles! The Jewish people are expecting their miracle. You are the answer to their prayers. If Esther was only one person who answered the call and changed history for the Jewish people, what could happen if we all responded?

Release Your Faith and Release The Hand Of God

Purim is an extraordinary time of rejoicing because of the mighty miracle God performed for Esther and the nation of Israel. Faith, hope and the supernatural power of the hidden hand of God is released by YOUR FAITH. We want to help you to “stand in your faith,” using the supernatural weapons that God has given you to fight back against the enemy. To do this, we have included a free download of the Purim prayer card for you to begin praying this prayer in earnest.

get your free purim prayer card here

What supernatural touch do you need as you believe during this month of Adar to see your story turned upside down? Get ready. God Has A Special Prophetic Word For You!

Your miracle is on its way! Right now, we are being called to stand with Israel to fulfill Bible Prophecy through our featured outreach, Project Aliyah , referenced in Isaiah 49:22:

“See, I will give a signal to the Gentiles,
and they shall carry your little sons back to you in their arms,
and your daughters on their shoulders.”

We recently stepped out in faith, like Esther, and pledged at least $1 million to help bless Israel this year.  We can’t do that without you. We’ve been called and chosen


This will not only be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but it will flip their story upside down and save their lives and in turn, God will take your story and flip it upside down.


What God wants to do through you, to you, and for you is nothing short of a miracle! If you’ve been feeling stuck, without direction or if you’re in need of something only God can do, you don’t want to miss our Purim Miracle Service! Whether the miracle is for you or a loved one, we’re believing for a supernatural encounter with God. We invite you to join us March 13th at 10am CST online at or on our Facebook live and watch God turn your story upside down!” If you will be in the DFW area, you are welcome to join us in person at DFW New Beginnings Church in Bedford, TX.

Now let us pray for you, “Thank you Father that we are not only saving lives, we are changing the world. We ask you to change the circumstances for our partners and friends. Turn their stories upside down. Give them a life-changing experience of your supernatural miraculous power that will transform everything! We thank you and expect to hear amazing testimonies of what You have done in their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Get ready your best is yet to come!
Larry Huch Ministries

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