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Israel Allies Foundation

Larry Huch Ministries strongly supports the Israel Allies Foundation, a powerful faith based diplomacy group based in Washington DC. Along with its parent organization in Jerusalem, the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, our mission is to mobilize political support for Israel in countries around the world. Compelled by Judeo-Christian principles, we work directly with legislators and parliamentarians who share a belief that the State of Israel has the right to exist biblically, politically and historically.

Pastor Larry Huch Receives
IAF Christian Allies Award

Congratulations to Pastor Larry, who has once again been recognized as among the top Christian Allies to Israel for 2021!

This is quite an honor and he joins quite an impressive list of world-wide Christian leaders including former Vice President Mike Pence, Pastor John Hagee, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Roger Staubach, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and staunch pro-Israel activist Jon Voight. second annual list of Israel’s

The IAF is a faith-based organization that mobilizes and coordinates support among parliaments and legislatures around the world.


Pastor Larry has been an IAF board member for nearly ten years, and one of his key roles is teaching biblical and practical values to pass governmental support of Israel and voting against anti-Israel policies.

The IAF network reaches over fifty international parliaments and 1,200 legislatures—with more on the way.

Larry Huch Ministries will always stand with Israel’s God- given right to exist in peace and to do so within her secure borders. We also support Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided and eternal capital.


Josh Reinstein, Director of IAF in Jerusalem who oversees Israel Knesset Allies Caucus said, “This year’s list represents the new relationship between Jews and Christians in the 21st century. Christian support for Israel is stronger than ever.”

Pastor Larry added that, “As it says in Genesis 12, God blesses those who bless Israel. Christians who stand firm with Israel and her people will truly be blessed.”

The IAF is both a national and world-wide leader in passing Pro-Israel, anti-BDS legislation. We are advocates for policies that promotes Israel’s right to exist in peace within secure borders and with Jerusalem as its indivisible, eternal capital. As of 2021 the IAF has established 50 Israel Allies Caucuses in parliaments worldwide… and more are on the way!

Pastor Larry Huch is an IAF board member and a frequent host for various “Standing With Israel” and “Jerusalem Call” events that brings together both Christians and Jews in support of these vital causes. He is the only Christian Pastor on this board of executives and world leaders.
One key role Pastor Larry plays is showing parliamentarians around the world both the biblical and practical value of supporting Israel and standing against anti-Israel policies. The IAF awarded Pastor Larry the lifetime achievement award for this pro-Israel work and in 2020 was named one of the top 50 leaders worldwide for supporting Israel.
When you support LHM you’re supporting this world-wide effort. We sincerely appreciate your prayers and financial donations.
Israel top 50 Pastor Larry Huch

Pastor Larry was honored to be included as #3 on Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies list.
Congratulations to all the Top Christian Allies who are working to bring peace to Israel.