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Operation Purim this year is providing backpacks full of blessings to IDF soldiers this year. Check out excepts from 2 letters from Netivyah Ministry about the project!

Letters from Netivyah Ministry…


We’re raising support for Messianic IDF soldiers this months!

The simple act of giving something small can say so much…
I believe that more so, us as believers, should encourage our soldiers. We must love them, pray for them, and send them care packages.

This year we are sending all the Messianic soldiers in Israel quality backpacks, filled with sweets and snacks, with pictures from children, and blessings that believers sent from all over the world.

These packages are meant to say ‘thank you’ to our believing soldiers, to encourage them and strengthen them. That they’ll know that they’re not alone. That we are with them, holding them up in prayer with much love!”

Netivyah Deputy Director Yehuda Bachana


Pastor Larry and Pastor Scott,

Purim is almost upon us and we are rapidly handing out gifts to the messianic soldiers. As you know this year we gave out large backpacks filled with goodies (cakes, cookies, coffee, shampoo and more). It is a great joy and privilege to support the guardians of Israel during what is often the hardest times in their young lives, to encourage them and bless them, reminding them of the many brothers and sisters that love them around the world.

Blessings from Jerusalem,

Netivyah Staff

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