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In the early 90’s Pastors, Larry and Tiz launched their TV program and media ministry. It has grown, expanded and is broadcast daily around the world in nearly every nation. Their program is watched and followed by hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been dramatically impacted and changed.

Pastor Larry has brought many life-changing revelations to the body of Christ including the teachings on Breaking Family Curses and the 7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood. But perhaps the most extraordinary and important revelation is his teachings on restoring the Jewish Roots of Christianity. His deep teachings and understanding of the Bible have made him one of the most popular teachers on Christian TV shows today.

TV Broadcast Schedule

The TV Program can be viewed on the Daystar TV Network, Cornerstone Television Network, METV (Middle East TV), and Praise The Lord. The full Christian TV shows can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel.
Larry Huch Ministries DayStar


Sundays 11:30 am CT
Mondays 8:00 am CT
Tuesdays 12:30 pm CT
Wednesdays 9:00 pm CT
Thursdays 1:00 pm CT
Fridays 12:00 pm CT
Saturdays 4:30 pm CT

Larry Huch Ministries Corner Stone Network


Thursday 10:30 am CT
Sunday 2:00 pm CT

Larry Huch Ministries Middle East Television

METV (Middle East TV)

Saturdays 9:30 pm Jerusalem time (21:30)s

PTL Network


Monday 10:30 AM CT
Tuesday 11:00 AM and 5:30 PM CT
Wednesday 12:00 PM CT
Thursday 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM CT
Friday 12:30 PM CT
Saturday 1:30 PM CT
Sunday 4:00 PM and 10:30 PM CT

Through the ongoing faithful support of their Church congregation and Television ministry partners, they can do outreaches, feeding programs, and projects that span the globe.

In places such as Zimbabwe, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Israel and many more, these projects demonstrate the spiritual and tangible love of God and God’s people.

Over the past several decades Pastor Larry has become a recognized authority and acclaimed writer on the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith. He strongly believes in studying and teaching the Word from a Jewish perspective. His books, “Torah Blessing” and “Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets” go into great depth and detail in explaining how and why the church needs to return to the ancient Hebrew understanding of the scriptures. It’s a revelation that will bring the Bible to life as never before. These teachings are not only fascinating but bring the Word, promises and miraculous power of God out of the pages of the Bible and into the reality of our lives.

Pastor Larry says in one of his books, “As we reveal the great mysteries of God, He releases His great miracles into our lives!”

Pastors Larry and Tiz are unquestionably dedicated to building bridges of peace, friendship and unity between Christians and Jews. They live by and teach the ancient Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam “repairing a broken world” and that we are each “blessed in order to BE a blessing.” Their charitable outreaches and projects in Israel have blessed, saved and impacted multitudes of Jewish lives around the world. Our international television broadcast have deeply influenced, rallied and encouraged people around the world to do the same.

The TV program’s message is changing lives worldwide and covers topics such as breaking generational curses, walking in freedom, enhancing personal and family relationships, achieving success, experiencing God’s blessings and discovering the Jewish of the Christian faith.

LHM's worldwide impact!

Our TV broadcast is available in over 100 million homes in the United States and 680 million homes around the world! This map shows the satellites above each region.