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Crisis In Ukraine

Crisis In Ukraine - Respond to the call

Russia’s attack on the Ukraine has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies in recent times. In the midst of this dangerous and chaotic situation, the State of Israel has contacted us with a request.

Listen as Pastor Larry shares about the crisis in the Ukraine.

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They need our help to provide life-saving care for the thousands of Jews, especially Holocaust survivors right now. Your donation today will help us to:

  • Provide dozens of buses to transport these Jews to the safety of bordering nations
  • Provide the immediate need for food, clothing, and safe places to stay as they escape the advancing Russian army
  • Cover all the costs of many Project Aliyah flights that will bring these precious Jewish people home to Israel.

Time is of the essence. With your special offering today, we can send critical funding to help these victims of war. We are not just sending financial support, we are also sending the love of God.

It is an act of compassion to bring hope to desperate people. Thank you in advance as we Tikkun Olam together- repairing a broken world.

God Bless You For Your Generous Heart,
Larry Huch Ministries

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