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Ukraine Relief Update


Purim is a story about ordinary people called to do extraordinary things. In this Bible classic, we learn about Esther, the hidden, unassuming, brave, beautiful Jewish girl called for such a time as this, along with her cousin Mordecai, the watchman for God’s people. It is Esther’s act of bravery that is the pivotal moment when the story arcs from tragedy to triumph. We realize that the hidden hand of God had already been working behind the scenes to turn their story upside down.

God reversed what seemed like impossible circumstances and delivered Queen Esther and her people from ultimate destruction.

He’s doing it now through our Project Aliyah, as Ukrainian Jews are fleeing the Russian war in their country. We received news that the first few flights have arrived!! We are so honored to partner with Israel and to help rescue these Ukrainian refugees and bring them home to Israel.

Watch this video of how God is working right now in Ukraine. Listen to this desperate cry for help and God’s miraculous response.
We’re excited to be making progress, but there is still much work to be done. One of our dear friends and partner, Sam Grundwerg, challenge us all with an opportunity to respond saying,

“it’s at the darkest moments when we shine brightest!”

We are in a pivotal moment, like Esther, where we can change someone’s destiny. You are the Esther of Ukraine and this is your time. You are the Mordecai of these precious families who need you now more than ever.

Be brave and step forward confidently in God placing faith over fear. There was a death decree to destroy Esther, Mordecai, and the Jewish people at one time but, the death decree was reversed and God’s people were saved.

In honoring God, God will honor you. Get ready God can turn your story upside down!

Larry Huch Ministries

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