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Welcoming Ukrainian Jews home to Israel!

Welcoming Ukrainian Jews home to Israel!

Just as we entered the celebration of Purim, Pastor Larry was arriving in Israel. With all that is going on in Ukraine, his time at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv was truly miraculous. After saving more than 5000 Ukrainian Jews over the past three weeks, Pastor Larry was able to greet over 120 new Ukrainian refugees.

Watch Pastor Larry’s greeting from the tarmac in Israel.

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This truly is the fulfillment of end-time Bible Prophecy.

We know it is no coincidence that Pastor Larry was to be speaking to 40-50 members of government about standing against anti-Semitism and the importance of standing with the nation of Israel in light of the Russian Invasion.

What a special time it was to present a milestone resolution standing against antisemitism signed by over 20 Israel Allies parliamentarians.
We are so thankful that Pastor Larry was able to meet with Yair Lapid, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and alternate Prime Minister.

It was also an honor for Pastor Larry to share with CBN Middle East Correspondent, Chris Mitchell, about the global influence that LHM’s work is having through the Israel Allies Foundation.

Although it was an action-packed time in Israel, the highlight of our weekend was Pastor Larry’s phone call from Israel. You can listen here as Pastor Larry shares his experience and his compassionate heart for the Ukrainian Jews.

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We can do this! Together we can really make a difference! It is hard to see just a few men exiting the plane as many of them have stayed back to fight.

As Pastor Larry shared, there are 100,000 Ukrainian Jews waiting to come now, along with 50,000 trapped in a specific area. Please pray for Ukraine and carefully consider partnering with Larry Huch ministries in saving lives.

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