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Pastors Larry and Tiz have a heart to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Our ongoing funding of many humanitarian projects In Israel have helped tear down the walls that have divided Christians and Jews. These projects include our work with Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Israel; our support of Ahava Children’s Village to care for over 200 abused and abandoned children; our funding of the Holocaust Survivor Program in Maale Adumim; the planting of the olive groves in Maale Amos and the argan tree project in the Negev. With your help these and other charitable projects are repairing a 2,000 year old breach and restoring friendship, unity and peace. Please join us in your support of Israel by making a one-time gift or even becoming a monthly LHM partner. Thank you.

Most Recent Updates


A Victory For Texas - Anti-BDS Legislation

Texas has just won a great victory for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people by becoming the 18th and most recent state to pass a bi...


2017 Israel Mobile ICU Project

As you know, the heart of Larry Huch Ministries is to bless the nation of Israel.  This year at Pentecost we will sow a special offerin...


Operation Purim

Every year we partner with Netivyah Ministry to choose a gift for IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers that is useful but that the army d...


Project Aliyah

Larry Huch Ministries is now helping Jews return to Israel through a very special effort called Project Aliyah. Many of these precious Je...


Ahava Village: Henry's Story

Another example of how your support is changing lives in Israel!


B'nai Zion Gives Thanks

Please read the letter below sent to us from Bnai Zion... Thank you, Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch of DFW New Beginnings for your incre...


Life-changing opportunity for Israeli children

Your support helps us provide a safe place to live for children who may have never had that before. This story is just one example of th...


Support Bna'i Zion Hospital In Israel

B’nai Zion Medical Center is ready 24/7 to protect the people of Haifa and provide life-saving medical care under the most difficult of c...


Stand With Israel

Danger is ever present in Israel.  When the bombs go off, the 250 children at the Ahava Children’s home have just 18 seconds to get to a ...


Olive Tree Grove Update

Larry Huch Ministries continues to show its support for Israel and the Jewish people through a number of outreaches including the Olive T...


UPDATE: Bnai Zion underground emergency facility

Please read the letter below from the Executive Vice President of Bnai Zion Foundation... Dear Pastors Larry and Tiz, New Beginnings Chu...


Thank You From Bnai Zion

Please read the letter above sent to us from the Bnai Zion Foundation!


Returning To Your Jewish Roots

Larry Huch Ministries is making a difference in the lives of Holocaust Survivors. Our reaches in Israel to provide care, food and other r...