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Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Israel have made a critical Difference

Together, through this outreach program, we provided a safe and secure place for people to be treated and cared for. Lives are being saved every day.

It’s hard to imagine (if you live in America for instance) but Israel faces huge threats of terrorism and war every single day. Iran backed terrorist groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon have a stockpile of over 250,000 precision-guided missiles aimed at Israel and its citizens. Not a week goes by where they don’t threaten the people with rockets.

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The Threat is Real

The proximity of the Medical Center to Lebanon and Syria is frightening close… as was proven during the 2nd Lebanon war in 2006. The facility is located on the north face of Mt. Carmel, fully exposed to incoming missiles. Rockets struck the hospital and other civilian targets causing great fear and untold damage. 

Under the direction of Dr. Amnon Rofe, the CEO of the hospital plans began for the construction of an underground emergency room facility to protect patients and staff. We’ve stood right there with his team on the hospital balcony and have seen just how dangerously close they are to harm’s way. It’s hard to visualize living in a place where we need to be protected against nuclear, biological and chemical attack. 

Dr. Rofe told us: “The situation is not if we’ll suffer another missile attack, but when. We must be prepared.” This is why we’ve pledged ongoing support toward the completion of this vital part of the hospital.

As part of our 2019 One New Man Israel Tour, we had the privilege of seeing the construction of this humanitarian project getting underway. We all look forward to the completion of this protected ER. May it never have to be used due to another rocket attack or more injured warriors. But if it does we are safeguarding the hospital so they can continue to save lives for many years to come.

Our outreach program and partnership with Bnai Zion has been forged over the past 10 years. It has been built on the foundation of love for Israel, desiring a spirit of unity and friendship between Christians and Jews and fulfilling the will of the Lord to be a light to the world. In Jewish tradition, this is known as Tikkun Olam – healing and repairing a broken world. The Jewish people live by the wisdom of one of their ancient proverbs: If you save one life God sees it as if you saved the whole world. 

As a ministry, this is our goal and represents a big part of our mission. We want to tear down the walls of division between Christians and Jews. We are accomplishing this through incredible charitable projects that save lives. With your help, we can demonstrate the love of God and do our part to reverse centuries of anti-Semitism. It’s exactly what the prophet Isaiah proclaimed we should be – Repairers of the Breach. This has been a fantastic journey that many of you have shared in with us and we encourage you to continue your support.

If ever there was a moment when we experienced the effects of Tikkun Olam it was during our 2012 visit to the facility. We were blessed to experience one of the great moments in the history of our ministry. We were all taken by total surprise as Dr. Rofe unveiled an unexpected and incredible honor. 

Dedicated to New Beginnings

In appreciation of our support, Bnai Zion dedicated the Terror Response Medical Unit to DFW New Beginnings Church and Larry Huch Ministries. This life-saving unit is equipped with specialized medical equipment and supplies to treat the community in the event of a terrorist bombing strike or chemical attack.

Bnai Zion Hospital in Israel
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Providing Vital Equipment

Dr. Rofe also confided in us that they were in desperate need of a critical piece of equipment for their emergency room. This specialized EKG machine was needed to improve their ability to save the lives of the patients and especially victims of terrorism and rocket attacks. Friends and partners of our ministry responded with an outpouring of love and support and shortly thereafter we were able to present the hospital with a $40,000 check to pay for this vital machine.

Haifa, Israel

Here we are at Bnai Zion Hospital in Haifa, Israel who we’ve supported financially for almost ten years. We are overlooking the site of the underground emergency room facility we are helping to build. This will be completed in 21 month’s or so. Your support for this project is vital because it will protect patients from terrorist rockets out of Lebanon just 32 miles away!!

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Israel Tour

Israel Tour 2019 visiting Bnai Zion seeing the project they have given toward first hand.