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Why A Podcast?

Learn why millions of Americans listen to podcasts every month!

It has been said that the Internet is the greatest library in the history of man. As smartphones allow people to consume sermons on demand anywhere anytime, and cars increasingly come equipped with satellite radio and Internet-friendly dashboards, it's no wonder why podcasts are now unprecedentedly popular! A podcast is an audio file, similar to a radio broadcast, that is made available over the internet. A podcast can be listened to on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc. Podcasts also allow users to subscribe to a feed that allows you to have access to new files instantly!

Our Podcast

Larry Huch Ministries has launched our very own podcast to help you get Pastor Larry's teachings as soon as they are made available, for only $7.77 per month. This podcast will contain a library of Pastor Larry's most ambitious, faith-stretching, world impacting, and God-honoring teachings! The podcast will be updated with a new audio message the next business day after every service, and is the quickest and easiest way to get Pastor Larry's life-changing audio messages whether you are a regular sermon downloader, or just someone needing an inspiring word!

Below is a free sample player with three of Pastor Larry's teachings that you can listen to!

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