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You can begin receiving all of Pastor Larry’s teachings today for only $7.77 per month through our LHM podcast. Your subscription will not only help bless the ministry as we bless Israel and other charitable outreaches it will also give you access to a library of Pastor Larry’s most ambitious, faith-stretching, world impacting, and God-honoring teachings! The podcast will be updated with a new audio message the next business day after every service, and is the quickest and easiest way to get Pastor Larry’s life-changing audio messages whether you are a regular sermon downloader, or just someone needing an inspiring word!

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  • A classic book written by Pastor Larry or Pastor Tiz.
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Podcast Benefits

When you give $7.77/month or more

  • Exclusive access to a library full of inspiring, life-changing audio messages, with new content the first business day after every service from Pastors Larry and Tiz, special guests and special events via the NEW LHM Podcast!

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As you learn to walk by faith, you will experience an overflow of the blessing and favor of God. Your life will be totally transformed! Your faith will open doors, move mountains and take you places you never thought you could go!

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