You Are Grafted In Offer 5


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For a gift of $500 or more to support our outreaches to Israel and the Jewish people you will receive:

  • Two 50″ wool Roots Tallits with dyed tehkehlets
  • Two Larry Huch Ministries, custom designed “Roots” symbol 50″ X 60″ woven throws
  • Two custom designed Larry Huch Ministries “Roots” symbol necklaces
  • Two custom designed Jerusalem cityscape and roots mezuzah in silver plated and brass highlights with scroll and instructions.
  • Two of the One New Man 1CD/2 Messages by Pastor Larry Huch
  • Two of the Repairing A Broken World 1CD/2 Messages by Pastor Larry Huch.

Supplies are limited! A comparable gift of equal or greater value may be substituted if necessary.


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