Reading the signs of God
Reading the signs of God
In this in-depth and prophetic series from Pastor Larry Huch you will learn the various signs of the end-times that are leading us into revival or rapture. God’s magnificent timeline is coming to pass right before our eyes. Let each of these 8 phenomenal sermons instruct and inspire you so you can be ready for the greatest days of your life.

Prophetic TimeLine

For centuries we’ve studied the Bible looking for signs of the times. With the rise in political upheavals, lawlessness and violence in the streets, pandemics and natural disasters, plus eroding of Judeo-Christian values, many are asking is revival or the rapture next on God’s timeline?

On the Hebrew calendar we are in the year 5,781. Unlike our calendar, the Hebrew calendar goes from the time of Creation, through Adam, Abraham, and to the present day. Several years ago, Pastor Larry read an article about the missing years and did some research on the subject. In recent years, archeologists have made significant discoveries which have caused them to ask, “Are we off this timeline?” Many Orthodox rabbis have agreed with archeologists and have said they believe 213 years are missing. History also tells us that most major empires have lasted close to 250 years. In the year 2020, the US turned 244 years old. If you add 213 to that calendar year the total is 5,994. That’s only 6 years away from the year 6,000, or the beginning of the Sabbath Millennium. In ancient Hebrew there is no word for coincidence. We may not know the day or the hour of the Messiah’s return, but the Father does. As we look around at what is happening in the world, and with Biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes, do you think there is only six years left until the Sabbath millennium?

Pastor Larry elaborates on this timeline and provides teaching for reading the various signs of the end-times that are leading us into revival or rapture. These 8 sermons can open your eyes to what is happening now and prepare you for the greatest days ahead of you.


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