Supernatural Season of Purim


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Do you need a breakthrough in your life?

The supernatural season of Purim is when God does miracles and changes how your story will end. Purim is the celebration of the story of Esther and the supernatural and miraculous deliverance of the Jewish people…

It is recorded in the Book of Esther where God’s name is never mentioned. It almost wasn’t included in the Old Testament because:

  • There was not even one hint of God’s name
  • The scribes thought “Why include it when God’s name is not in it?”

The name Purim comes from the Persian word Pur, which means “to roll the dice or cast lots.” Make no mistake; God is in charge of your life and isn’t just a roll of the dice.

Let me give you some historical perspective first.

While the Jews were in Persian captivity, after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, Cyrus was king.  He had no hatred of the Jewish people and granted them their freedom. Scholars record that only 5% returned to Jerusalem, while 95% chose to remain.

I have an interesting fact for you…

In 1948, when the allies put Israel back into the hands of the Jewish people, only 5% chose to “Aliyah” or return to the land.

Today, Jews are returning in the thousands!

(NOTE: We are actively involved in supporting their journey back to their homeland with “Project Aliyah.”  Check out the latest news on our project here.)



King Cyrus dies, and a new king, Ahasuerus, who hates the Jews assumes the throne. Cyrus had granted freedom to the Jewish people because of the prophet Jeremiah’s declaration of their release after 70 years.

King Ahasuerus, who also knew of the prophecy thought the time had passed.  He believed, as did his counselors that God had forsaken the Jewish people.

The king declared a 180-day celebration…

…He brought in furniture, implements, bowls, cups and holy vessels from the temple and used them to honor his pagan gods.

While the king and his guests were having their drunken party, a group of Jews came in and saw the desecration of their sacred vessel.



In the middle of the party, King Ahasuerus asked his wife, Queen Vashti to dance naked before his guests. Ancient Jewish wisdom states that her immorality was so great she would’ve loved to do this…

…but because of her vanity, she refused his request.  She paid for her choice with death. After some time had passed, King Ahasuerus searched for a new queen.

The process lasted 4 years and culminated in an ancient “beauty contest” that took 12 months.  A young, beautiful, woman, a hidden Jew, emerged. She came to the kingdom and was chosen by the king as his queen.



Her uncle, Mordecai, also a Jew, already was serving in the king in his household.  He worked with other servants and uncovered their plot to poison the king.  He exposed them, and they were arrested and executed. The king’s life was saved.  He has no idea who had interceded on his behalf.

At the same time that Esther became queen, Haman, a descendant of Agag was elevated to the position of second in command in the king’s court. He, like his tribal ancestors, hated the Jews.

Because of his influence and knowing that Jews refused to bow down to any other God but Jehovah, he had the image of a pagan god placed on the front of his uniform.

When a small group, including Mordecai, refused to bow down to him as a representative of the king, he reported them and had the king sign an irrevocable death decree for anyone who did not comply.

I shared with you earlier that the Persian word Purim means “the casting of lots.”  Haman considered the decree a personal victory and decided to celebrate.

He rolled the dice. . .

. . . He cast lots.

The number on one side came up 133 – the numerical value of Agag.

Haman believed it proved that:

  • God was finished with the Jews
  • That life was nothing more than chance
  • That God was not in charge of anyone’s life
  • Everything was just a roll of the dice.

What Haman didn’t see was the reverse side of the dice.  The number 644, or the numerical equivalent of King David’s name appeared which meant:

  • It looked like Agag, who hated the Jews was winning
  • God had another plan to deliver the Jewish people
  • God was working behind the scenes to turn Esther’s story upside down.

Because of the king’s decree and its danger to Esther and the Jewish people, Mordecai told Esther to go and admit to her husband that she was a Jew.

She could be removed as queen. She could also lose her life because of the death decree Haman had put in place, signed by the king.  Mordecai reminded her that she had been born for “such a time as this.”

God would protect her and her people.

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Esther began to fast, pray and seek God… this was when the supernatural season of Purim began.

. . .He gave her a plan.

She decided to go to see the king unannounced.  That was a dangerous decision.  She put on her best outfit, did her make-up and walked into the king’s chamber.



“What can I do for you?” he asked.  “Can we have dinner and spend time together tomorrow night?” she said.  The king responded, “Is that all you want?”

Esther waited and then responded, “I would like Haman to come to dinner as well.”

She left, and the king went to bed but could not sleep.  He called for his servant to bring him the chronicles of the kingdom.  As he read he saw that Mordecai had uncovered a plot and saved his life.  He realized that nothing had been done to reward him.

The next morning he called for Haman.  The king said to him “There is a man you need to honor.  He is loyal, trustworthy and has rewards coming to him.  Put my crown on his head.

Dress him in my robes, put him on my horse and walk in front of him shouting “This is a great man.  This is a great man.’”  The king ended his instructions to Haman with the command, “Do it this afternoon.”

What an assignment Haman had.  He had lots to do to get ready for what he thought was his “big day.”  He went home and told his wife and kids, “This afternoon I’m going to wear the king’s crown, his robes and ride his horse.

Mordecai is going to walk before me and loudly proclaim ‘This is a great man.  This is a great man.’ When you see us coming by our house, throw all of the refuse and garbage from the balcony onto Mordecai.”

Haman returned to the king to tell him all had been prepared.

“Majesty, the crown is in my possession, the robes are ready, and the horse is waiting for his rider.”  “Wonderful” the king responded…

…“Put the crown on Mordecai’s head, my robes on his shoulders and put him on my horse.  Walk in front of him throughout the kingdom shouting ‘Here is a great man.  Here is a great man.’

What a reversal of fortune!  God had been working behind the scenes.  He had turned everything upside down!

It will amaze you the twists and turns that led to Haman’s destruction and the supernatural, miraculous deliverance of Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Haman, not Mordecai, had refuse and garbage thrown on him
  • Haman was exposed as the one who made the deadly decree
  • The gallows Haman made for Mordecai were used for him and co-conspirators
  • God delivered Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people



In Israel, He is saving hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives through specially equipped ICU Mobile ambulances that serve Jerusalem and other nearby cities.

We are partnering with Magen David Adom to provide these ambulances.  Right now we are having the fifth one built that will ship to Israel soon.

You need to know something significant.

God is working in your life behind the scenes to turn your story upside down. It is the supernatural season of Purim. Don’t limit what He can do or how He can do it. I want you to receive God’s supernatural, miraculous power for your life, right now.

God has brought you and me together for such a time as this. During the appointed time of Purim and Adar, you can’t even imagine what God is doing for you behind the scenes.
Receive the joy, good fortune, and blessings He has for you. He is turning your story upside down

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