Now Is Your Time For God’s Pentecost Promise

Why Jesus’ Last Words Are Important to You Today Before He ascended to Heaven, Jesus instructed His followers to wait for the Holy Spirit. Why is that important to you today? Look at it this way. If you were leaving your loved ones, what you said before you departed would be of utmost importance. You … Read more

Can You Really Break Through to the Other Side

Can you really break through to the other side? Will you pass over what has happened in your past and move forward to a new destination in life? Or will you stay stuck in the middle, undecided about your future? Come along with me, because you and I are on our way to begin a … Read more

God Has A Special Prophetic Word For You

GOD HAS A SPECIAL PROPHETIC WORD FOR YOU A Miraculous, Triple Blessings Is Yours I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m not even watching the news anymore. I am sick and tired of hearing nothing but bad news. To be honest, you can’t believe what you’re hearing. In ancient Hebrew there’s no word … Read more

Hebrew Calendar

REVELATION AND REDEMPTION HIDDEN IN THE HEBREW CALENDAR! The Hebrew Calendar is divided into spring and fall biblical holidays. Amazingly these holidays reveal God’s master plan of redemption and correspond to end-time events; including the 1st and 2nd coming of the Lord.  Leviticus 23 calls these “Feasts of the Lord” appointed times and holy rehearsals. … Read more