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Project aliyah

Helping Jews from around the world immigrate to their ancient homeland–Israel and provide them with religious freedom.

what is project aliyah?

bringing jews back to their ancient homeland

Did you know that tens of thousands of Jewish people have contacted the Israeli government about immigrating to Israel? So many are trapped in countries where the hostility is widespread. They live every day in fear of persecution and violence. Many simply cannot afford the costs of aliyah and resettlement.

why project aliyah?

bible prophecy being fullfiled

“See, I will give a signal to the Gentiles, and they shall carry your little sons back to you in their arms, and your daughters on their shoulders” – Isaiah 49:22

God promises He will bring His chosen people home to Israel. It’s His will and a key part of end-time prophecy.

The Lord wants to use you to bring Jews that have been scattered around the world back home to Israel. He wants to use you to fulfill the biblical prophecies of aliyah.

how project aliyah works?

fighting religious persecution

It’s not hard to imagine the difficulties of relocation–finding employment, locating a place to live, learning the Hebrew language and so forth. Your support makes this whole process so much easier to cope with.

The cost still varies from country to country but the average amount has skyrocketed recently to over $2000 per person. Whether you give a gift of $25, $100 or more to partially sponsor someone or $2000—or even more to cover the cost of an entire ticket—if everyone does what God tells them to do we can get this done.

In recent conversations with members of government officials in Israel, we learned once again that Project Aliyah is making a huge difference. They continue to encourage us that bringing people home to Israel is one of the most significant things we can do to stand with Israel, as we help the persecuted access religious freedom.

Even though nations and people continue to persecute the Jewish people with anti-Semitic rants, hate and violence-God loves His people dearly–and so should we! (Isaiah 41:8 and Joel 3:1-2) 

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