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Standing with israel

We will stand with Israel, repair the breach between Jews and Christians and fulfill biblical prophecy. This is how we prepare the world for the coming of the Messiah. It’s an amazing opportunity to touch the world!


our mission and calling


Pastor Larry began his incredible journey, outside the ruins of an ancient synagogue in Capernaum. God spoke to him in an appointed moment that He would teach him to re-read the Bible through the eyes of a Jewish Jesus. He went to the Temple, attended synagogue, studied Torah, celebrated Shabbat and all the Bible Holidays. He was a Jewish Rabbi in Israel and lived what we consider an orthodox life; just as all of the Apostles, including Paul, Peter, John, and James.

returning to our jewish roots

There is no where in scripture that says they forsook their Jewish roots; rather they all continued to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob just as their forefathers only with the added revelation that Jesus (Yeshua) was and is the Messiah; fulfilling the prophecies and promises God made through the prophets like Jeremiah, Zechariah, Daniel, and Isaiah.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 that He did not come to abolish the Torah but rather to show you and I (the world) how to live it…not in a legalistic way but with love, joy, and faith.

a new understanding to a new dimension of our spiritual purpose

In these last days, believers around the world are realizing what the Apostle Paul taught in Romans 11, that we are meant to be grafted into the Jewish people and their salvation history. And as you begin to discover and develop this revelation for yourself, a whole new understanding of God’s Word, promises and purpose for your life will emerge.

So start your journey with us today, return to the rich heritage of your faith and experience a whole new dimension of spiritual purpose and destiny.

fulfilling bible prophecy

one new man, christians and jews

The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 2 prophesied the Messiah would create One New Man. This means Christians and Jews were always meant to be one family.

The prophecy in Malachi 4 says: the Lord will turn the hearts of the fathers (Jews) to the children (Christians) and the hearts of the children will return to the fathers.

In the last days, God wants to use your life to help bring these prophecies to pass. He’s called you to love what He loves — and He loves the Jewish people.

As you lend helping hands and become a blessing to Israel, we know God will pour out His blessing upon you because God promises this in Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless Israel.”

get to know our founders and pastors


A calling being fulfilled

God has called us to repair a broken world


Pastor Larry Huch is an IAF board member and a host for various events that brings together both Christians and Jews in support of these vital causes.


We are reaching over 1.6 billion people worldwide through our partnership with Daystar and other Christian Television Networks.


One of the ways we do this is by tearing down walls that have divided Christians and Jews for 2,000 years with charitable outreaches.

israel impact and world missions


At Larry Huch Ministries God has called us to repair a broken world. One of the ways we do this is by tearing down walls that have divided Christians and Jews for 2,000 years with charitable outreach. Our ministry is all about restoring peace, re-establishing friendship, and rebuilding unity!

blessed to be a blessing

supporting israel interests

“As it says in Genesis 12, God blesses those who bless Israel. Christians who stand firm with Israel and her people will truly be blessed.” – Pastor Larry Huch

One key role Pastor Larry plays is showing parliamentarians around the world both the biblical and practical value of supporting Israel and standing against anti-Israel policies. The IAF awarded Pastor Larry the lifetime achievement award for this pro-Israel work and in 2020 was named one of the top 50 leaders worldwide for supporting Israel.

LHM are advocates for policies that promotes Israel’s right to exist in peace within secure borders and with Jerusalem as its indivisible, eternal capital. As of 2021 the IAF has established 50 Israel Allies Caucuses in parliaments worldwide… and more are on the way!

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