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What is happening in israel & How can I help?

Israel is under attack once again. October 7th was a well-planned assault, a deliberate attack to destroy and annihilate Israel and the Jewish people.  What does all of this mean? Understanding what’s happening historically, politically, and spiritually is critical. Knowing God’s prophetic destiny for Israel, and the Jewish people, unlocks the prophetic events we are seeing right now, and what’s ahead for Israel and the nations of the world.

Hamas continues to spin false narratives increasing the rise of antisemitism. This is where truth comes in.  You need to know the truth about the history, about the land, and about what the word of God says. LHM has answered the call to help others stand with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and let the world know what the truth is about this marvelous land. Knowing the truth empowers you to take a stand. 

Everyone, or every age has been impacted – men, women, elderly, young adults, children, and even infants. Be a part now in helping Israel and the Jewish people in this unprecedented time of attack and devastation. Your gift, whether small or large will make a difference to them as they start to recover from the damage that has been inflicted upon them by brutal terrorists.

Your prayers and offerings are needed to provide more food, housing, medical assistance, and emergency necessities, as well as hope and strength. Our partner ministry in Israel is calling on LHM to help with a list of urgent needs including mobile bomb shelters, portable defibrillators, and medical kits containing triage and resuscitation supplies. We urge you to stand with LHM, with Israel, and with the Jewish people through your generous prayers and gifts. 

We invite you to keep in touch as we share insider updates from Israel and continue sharing the truth about all that is happening in Israel. 

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