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Breaking Generational Curses

Learn to Release the Generational Blessing

Pastors Larry & Tiz Huch have spent more than forty years in ministry helping people just like you receive a new beginning. God has given them a message and revelation on living in freedom and victory that can and will change your life forever! It’s all related to the biblical teaching on breaking family curses. One of the greatest truths in all the Bible is out of John 8:36, where Jesus proclaims…’who the Son sets free, is free indeed!’ This amazing freedom that comes through the power of God is something Pastors Larry and Tiz have personally experienced and have taught to multiple millions around the world. It’s a spiritual freedom and breakthrough we want released over you and your family today!


Being ‘free indeed’ not only means our sins are forgiven; it also means that every curse is broken and every covenant promise is released. When Jesus shed His blood 7 different times it accomplished even more than the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life; but also that we could experience an abundant life right now; including the breaking of family curses. Proverbs 26:2 teaches that a curse without a cause does not come. This simply means constant trouble happens for a reason; and unless you know how to apply the correct biblical solutions, you can’t break these destructive patterns. We are convinced 1000% that it’s no coincidence you are reading this now. It’s your time to stop the negative forces that cause you to take one step forward but then take two steps back.


You may know Pastor Larry’s testimony…of how he grew up on the streets of St. Louis and eventually got involved with a lifestyle of drugs and violence. In college he became a drug dealer, got addicted to cocaine and heroin and later nearly died of an overdose. In time he was on the run, trying to escape federal warrants for his arrest. He ended up in Arizona where his life was dramatically turned around by the power of God. His mother recently told Tiz, “I thought I would never see Larry again; that he would somehow be left for dead in the Arizona desert.” Even after Larry got saved and married Tiz, they had some difficult battles to fight including defeating the spirit of anger. Because of God’s amazing grace and through the revelation of breaking family curses these battles were not only won but they also learned to walk in the fullness of the blessing of God.


If the promises of God have always seemed just beyond your reach we encourage you to get connected to this teaching and revelation. Pastors Larry and Tiz will help you discover the key to removing every obstacle that is blocking your blessing! It’s your time to move from sickness to health, from poverty to prosperity from failure to success; it’s time for you to live free at last. Pastor Larry Huch is widely recognized as a leading authority on the subject of breaking generational curses. For more than 12 years, his television program on Daystar and many other Christian Networks has been a powerful tool in reaching millions of households with this message of freedom, healing, prosperity and blessing.

Pastor Larry has written two classic books on this subject. Free at Last, which after 8 printings has now been released in a special 10th Anniversary Edition. Pastor Larry tells his dramatic testimony, establishes the revelation of this ground-breaking teaching and reveals the power of the 7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood. He shows you how to break every curse and release every blessing that’s been paid for in full by the blood of the Lamb. The highly anticipated sequel 10 Curses That Block the Blessing reveals the 10 curses that function everyday in the body of Christ. Pastor Larry teaches you how to break the power and eliminate the influence of these destructive forces. You learn how to release the miracle power of God to overcome every stronghold and how to walk in the covenant blessings that are yours through the Lord.

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