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one new man partner


from pastors larry and tiz huch

a special invitation

Dear Friend,

Tiz and I would like to invite you to join us as a monthly One New Man partner of Larry Huch Ministries. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to make a difference around the world with our TV broadcast and charitable outreaches throughout Israel and in Haiti, Cuba and Zimbabwe.

Your monthly commitment will help repair a broken world—Tikkun Olam!

We believe God will reward you, both spiritually and financially, as a One New Man Partner while you continue sowing your seed in the good soil of Israel and her people.

Your Best Is Here Now!

Pastor Larry Huch

consider becoming a partner today

Our purpose and mission is to be a blessing to Israel and her people. We stand in solidarity with them from a biblical, political, and charitable perspective.

Our unwavering support of Israel is what sets us apart from many other ministries and distinctively defines us.

God has called us to use your tithes and offerings to actively stand with Israel by funding 8 key charitable projects:

    1. 1. Prophetic Aliyah flights
    1. 2. Food and support for Holocaust survivors and elderly Jews
    1. 3. Medical therapy for children victimized by terrorism
    1. 4. Funding mobile ICU ambulances
    1. 5. Providing defibrillator kiosks
    1. 6. Renovating outdated bomb shelters
    1. 7. Fighting anti-Semitism with the Israel Allies Foundation
    1. 8. Broadcasting TV around the world including in Israel

Your ongoing monthly support will be repairing the breach between Christians and Jews, helping the less fortunate including widows and orphans, fulfilling Bible prophecy and preparing the world for the coming of the Messiah!

You are indeed blessing Israel and will be blessed in return as God promises in Genesis 12:3.