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Day 21: Living Free Indeed

Your redemption

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities . . .”

isaiah 53:5

I have good news for you: Jesus came to break every curse and release every blessing!

One of the greatest revelations in this teaching on the 7 places Jesus shed His blood is hidden in today’s scripture in Isaiah. It says, He was wounded for our transgressions. This is speaking about the forgiveness of sins.

If that’s all Jesus did, forgive us of our sins, we couldn’t praise Him and thank Him enough. However, Jesus didn’t just shed His blood to forgive us. He shed His blood to break every curse that comes to block our blessing.

When Isaiah said He was bruised for your iniquities he was teaching about curses which is what the word iniquities means. Curses are the destructive spiritual forces on the inside. They pressure you to bow or bend under its damaging nature. Unless broken by the power of God, they will create harmful patterns; behavior that will trouble you the rest of your life.

The seventh and final place Jesus shed His blood was when He bruised His heel at the gates of Hell. Bruises are the result of bleeding on the inside. He stomped on the devil’s forehead and took back the keys to the Kingdom. You do not have to live under any generational or family curses. This is what the Bible means when it says, who the Son sets free is free indeed! (John 8:36)

Today’s Prayer: Father, thank You that Jesus came to break every curse and release every blessing in my life! Right now I apply the power of the blood to remove every obstacle, hindrance or spiritual force that is preventing me from living my best life now. I receive Your forgiveness, grace and mercy in every area. Thank You that anything that has been lost or stolen is being restored. In Jesus’ name. Amen.