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Pastors and Rabbis Unite on Capitol Hill For Historic Gathering


Pastor Larry visited Israel not too long after the attacks on October 7th. He returned and shared that the things that he saw and the stories he was told when he stood in the kibbutz is beyond anything you could imagine. The atrocities he witnessed make it unable to fathom how one human could inflict such suffering upon another. These babies, women, children and elderly are not prisoners of war. They are innocent civilians who endured the horrific brutality.  Pastor Larry described the disturbing devastation he saw— home, after home, after home, blown up, riddled with bullets, blood everywhere. Of even greater concern is that the further we get away from October 7th, the sooner we might forget what took place. He knew something had to be done. 

The Israeli government asked Pastor Larry, a board member of the Israel Allies Foundation, to host an event to bring pastors to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC to show footage that doesn’t get out to the public. It is footage that was taken by Hamas documenting the brutality of the massacre, of the rape, of the butchery of women and children.


Partnering with Keren HaYesod, he was able to pull this off this past week in Washington D.C. He invited 100 leaders to Washington D.C. to stand up for Israel! Those that joined us included

Pastor Jentzen Franklin
Stephen Strang founder of Charisma
Dr. Dennis & Ginger Lindsay of Christ For The Nations Institute and others.

Listen to what Pastor Larry had to say from Washington D.C. 

This historic meeting was about expressing our support and unity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Just outside of the embassy was a memorial honoring the hostages still being held in Gaza. We cannot remain silent. May God use us to be a voice—An Ambassador standing with Israel and against antisemitism. The Jerusalem Post quoted Pastor Larry’s explanation for the viewing stating, “By showing the actual footage, leaders are better equipped to help counter the fake news, false narratives, and dangerous anti-Israel policies being presented to the public. Israel has both a right and an obligation to protect its citizens from murderous terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, whose sole objective is to destroy Israel and its citizens. We will continue to be a pro-Israel pro-Jewish voice in the Christian community in America and around the world.”


In the evening our delegation met and was greeted by US Congressman Pat Fallon of Texas’ 4th Congressional District on Capitol Hill who also reiterated the importance of standing with Israel.


The next event was Israel Advocacy Day presented by the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF). A group of over 60 rabbis and pastors collectively represented millions of Americans whose faith informs their support for Israel. We are now tied together because of our shared Judeo-Christian values and heritage deeply rooted in Israel. The speakers included Eliav Benjamin, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC and former Pentagon official, Michael Rubin—a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. They shared about needing the support for a strong US-Israel relationship and how it is a key voting issue for those in our communities of faith. They went on to encourage support for Israel in its endeavor to completely remove Hamas from power in Gaza, defund the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNWRA), and to investigate and deter the rise in antisemitic violence.

Pastor Larry was also able to connect with Congressman Chip Roy, who represents the 21st District of Texas and Congressman Doug Lamborn representing Colorado’s Fifth District who also stressed the significance of biblical voting and standing with Israel.  What an incredible privilege to meet and stand with such leaders and to be a part of what God is orchestrating. As you give to support the nation of Israel, know that she is fighting for us (America) at the same time that she is defending herself against enemies in the Holy Land. As Pastor Larry said Israel has the right to defend herself and to triumph over her adversaries, and we need to take a stance and make this point loud and clear to every politician and to everyone we know.


We find ourselves now in an Esther moment, where Christians standing with Israel must heed Mordecai’s words from Chapter 4: “Do not think that by remaining silent, you will escape.” We must speak out against violent attacks targeting us all. If Hamas and Hezbollah have made their intentions clear to target Jews first, then Christians, then this conflict transcends mere borders; it is a battle between good and evil, aimed at removing Jews, removing God from our world.

Larry Huch Ministries wants you to know that we stand firmly in solidarity with Israel and Jewish communities worldwide. We refuse to remain silent. We will voice our support, fight against injustice, and stand strong.

While the voices of the pro-Palestinian minority may be loud, we are determined to become the resounding majority. Join us! There are more of us than there are of them. 

We invite you to join us for our special Standing with Israel Service next Sunday, February 11th at 10 AM CST. If you’re in the area please join us at New Beginnings here in Bedford, TX, or join us online via Facebook or stream.  

Thank You for standing with us as we stand with Israel!

Larry Huch Ministries 

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