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Millions Show Up For 30th March For Jesus

The crowds went on as far as you could see, from the Metro Luz, on Avenida Tiradentes, to the Heroes Square of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, near Campo de Marte, in the north of San Paulo. Nine thousand caravans came from different parts of the country to participate in this historic event.

They were there for the annual March For Jesus, the 30th since it first began. Although event planners expected 3.5 million as in times before, the record of attendance was broken at 5 million.

Pastor Larry Huch joined Apostle Hernandez and Bishop Sonia Hernandez in this historic event. He joined the crowd as they made a procession of praise through the streets of the city. Pastor Larry exclaimed that he had never seen anything like it. “This is amazing! I have never seen a crowd like this,” he declared.

Together they celebrated the Lordship of Jesus Christ, worshipped Him, and proclaimed the glory, majesty and supremacy of Jesus, as their Savior. What an awesome sight of so many gathered in one purpose. It was clear. It was all about Jesus, and nothing else.

Even The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro was there, walking through the crowd and sharing their commitment to Jesus. Those that gathered raised their voices in prayer, asking for God’s help and direction for their nation, and for Israel and the Jewish people. The blue and white flags with the Star of David filled the air, as they waved them in excitement and joy.

Watch this quick clip of Pastor Larry praying for Brazil:

It was a truly amazing time as Pastor Larry has a special love for Brazil. He is excited about launching our television program in Brazil recently and is honored to lead believers on their journey to discover the Jewish roots of their Christian faith.

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