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Pastor Larry Huch Tops List of 50 Christian Allies

Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) has named our, Pastor Larry Huch of Dallas, Texas as the number one Christian ally of the Jewish state in its annual “Top 50” list. The organization’s announcement came on the eve of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, and recognized men and women from around the world, from various Christian denominations, who have tirelessly supported and defended Israel. 

While in Israel, 30 years ago, Pastor Larry fell in love with the “Jewishness of the Bible” and began teaching the ancient roots of Christianity. “You will never understand the Bible until you read it in the land in which it was written,” Huch said. “There is no country in the world like Israel. There is no city in any country like Jerusalem. It is the home of God. It is the people, the land and the spirit of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that dwells in this land. If God allowed me to, I would live here.” His heart truly is for Israel and his ministry is tearing down the walls between Jews and Gentiles bridging the gap by fighting anti-Semitism and consistently standing with and for the Nation of Israel.

The IAF’s Director Josh Reinstein said when releasing this year’s list, “We are recognizing the invaluable work of our Christian supporters as an important display of our gratitude towards them. Each and every one of them serves as an example of the far-reaching impact faith-based diplomacy for Israel has from a local to international level. It is Christians, not countries that we can count on to always stand with Israel” he underscored, as he released the impressive list.

Recently, Pastor Huch accompanied a group of 20 pro-Israel, mostly evangelical lawmakers on an IAF mission to Israel, during which they signed a declaration supporting the “Sovereign right of the State of Israel to build in its indivisible capital of Jerusalem.” During his most recent trip in July, he and Pastor Tiz welcomed more than 200 Ethiopian Olim home to Israel through our Project Aliyah and partnership with Keren Hayesod. This was such a rewarding time to see families reunited as Bible prophecy was fulfilled.

His church and ministry continue to be passionate and supportive of many Israel outreaches, including funding for nine Mobile ICU ambulances in partnership with Magen David Adom, building safe shelters, and caring for and providing support for elderly Jews, many of whom are Holocaust survivors; and so much more. We sincerely hope you will prayerfully think about giving a generous offering to stand with us as we stand with Israel and prepare the world for the coming of the Messiah.

He is honored to receive this award from The IAF, which collaborates with 1,200 lawmakers and 50 Israel Allies Caucuses to generate support for Israel on a global scale based on shared Judeo-Christian principles. The network includes the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, the European Union Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus, and the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

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