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There is Victory in the Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus Has Ultimate Power!

As we are on the spiritual journey of the 50 Days To A Better You Devotion, marking the time from Passover to Pentecost, we continue reflecting on the victory that Jesus brings to our lives. We’re discovering the power we have through the blood Jesus shed for mine and your salvation, forgiveness, healing, and freedom. The moment you receive Jesus into your heart, and give Him your life, your sins are forgiven. You are no longer at odds with God. You have become His child. Everything is right with Him. The blood of Jesus has not just covered your sins, it has washed them away forever. God has put your sins as far as the east is from the west. He will never remember them again.

Your Salvation is Not Limited to Salvation Alone

It does not matter what you have done. Your sins, once bright red, are now white as fresh-fallen snow. The deep stain of sin has been cleansed completely from your life. You stand before God just as if you never sinned. Imagine that! As awesome as that is, your salvation is not limited to God’s forgiveness of your sins. There is so much more.

The word “saved” in the Greek language, in which the New Testament was originally written, is the word sozo. It means to be completely whole and receive everything that Jesus paid for you to have through His blood. You are forgiven, healed, free, and prosperous. It does not matter what circumstances you are facing – divorce, disease, debt, or addictions. Jesus’ blood has made you more than a conqueror. Victory is yours. The Word of God says in Revelation 12:11, that you overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, and the word of your testimony. The word overcome is to conquer, prevail and get the victory. You overcome through His blood that was shed for you.

The Jewish People Recognized The Power Of The Blood.

The Jewish people understood the teaching of the blood. When they needed forgiveness, they put blood on the altar of the temple. When they needed mercy, they put blood on the mercy seat. When they needed to hear from God, they put blood on the veil so they could enter into the Holy of Holies and be in the presence of God. When they needed peace, they brought a blood sacrifice. When they needed healing, they brought a blood sacrifice. Every time they needed a miracle, they offered a blood sacrifice. (Leviticus 1–7.) 

There is a river that never runs dry for us as believers.  It is the source of all God wants to do in our lives and through our lives. All we have to do is realize that the powerful blood of Jesus Christ is there for us to call upon any and every time we need a touch from God. 

You Are Healed and Whole Right Now Because of Jesus

Jesus shed his blood at seven different places capturing victory for us in many areas. However, at the whipping post, the stripes on Jesus’ back won back our health. The Word of God reminds us in Isaiah 53:5:
“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the
chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. 
The following is an excerpt from Pastor Larry’s book The Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood— that recounts Jesus’ work at the whipping post.

You Have Already Won The Battle Over Sickness & Disease

It is believed that Jesus was scourged, or flogged, thirty-nine times at the whipping post. (Matthew 27:26.) Under Jewish punishment, a prisoner could be given forty lashes; however, they usually only received thirty-nine, because forty was often fatal. (Deuteronomy 25:3.) I heard a missionary doctor preach that the thirty-nine lashes represent all the diseases known to all mankind. We need to remember that this is God’s plan of redemption. It’s not an accident or a coincidence, but it’s His divine plan. Every time they laid the whip on Jesus’ back—splitting His skin and ripping His muscles and tissue—healing was provided for every disease. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and every disease on this earth has been defeated and conquered by the blood of Jesus Christ. This shows God’s willingness to heal everyone. 

Some people say, “God doesn’t heal anymore.” But the Bible tells us, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). Because He made a blood covenant, He doesn’t change, and the blood covenant includes healing. Salvation doesn’t just mean to be forgiven; it also means to be healed. Salvation means to be made whole in every way. Others say, “We know God can heal, but does God desire to heal?” Keep in mind that Jesus willingly surrendered Himself to the whip! And many asked Jesus the same question while He walked the earth: 

   A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” (Mark 1:40–41 NIV) 

This man knew Jesus could heal him, but he wondered IF He would heal him. One of the worst prayers we can pray is “If it be Thy will, please heal me.” The Bible tells us what the will of God is! If Jesus suffered the whip for our healing, of course it is His will we be healed. When we pray, “if it be Thy will,” we’re saying that we’re not sure it’s the will of God for us to be healed. But the Bible tells us to ask in rock-solid faith: 

Let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. (James 1:6–7 KJV) 

As Children We Come Boldly To Our Father

To come boldly and confidently to God for healing is the opposite of saying, “If it be Thy will.” If we question God’s will for us when we ask Him for something, we are double minded, cannot ask in faith, and He cannot heal us. Therefore, we must settle the question, “Can God heal?” Yes! Absolutely! Not only can God do anything, but our healing is so important to Him that He made a covenant with us in the blood of His Son. The price for your healing was paid over two thousand years ago. All you have to do is reach out and touch Jesus and receive your miracle. 

I’ve preached in the Philippines many times, and word would get around when we arrived that the men of God were in town. We would get up in the morning, and the sick, the blind, and the lame would already be lined up along the street. We are just normal human beings. We don’t have the power to heal ourselves, but people would come because they heard the Word of God and they believed when they heard, “By His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5). We would walk along the long lines of sick people, touch them, lay hands on them, and pray for them in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood. Then we would watch them get up and walk. God still heals, saves, and delivers. We overcome the devil and his infirmities by the blood of Jesus.

Why Don’t We See Many Miracles In The United States?

I’m often asked, “Pastor why do we see so many more miracles overseas than we do in the United States or Europe?” Someone once said it’s because they have greater needs. I tend to disagree. If someone is blind or lame or diseased, it doesn’t matter if we’re in South Carolina or South Africa: We need a miracle. Jesus taught us to come to Him as a little child in order to see the kingdom of God—not just after we die—but now. Remember, Jesus told us to pray that His kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven now. 

The apostle Paul declared in Romans 14:17 that the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The apostle John declared in 3 John 1:2 that he wished we would prosper and be in health above everything else. When we get to heaven, we won’t need any miracles. We need them now! We must trust God and believe for our healing now, when we need it. Other people on earth may fail us, even leave us, but our heavenly Father never will. When I get on an airplane, I have to have faith and trust in the pilot, crew, and everyone else involved in that flight. How much more can we trust the One who owns the sky, the earth, and the sea? We must not waver or be double minded but trust God at His Word like little children and believe in the power of the blood of Jesus.

God Still Heals Today

We received many testimonies from people all over the world who have experienced healings—some who fought and stood for extended periods of time and some who were healed miraculously. Either way Jesus still heals. We have witnessed His healing power in our family as well with my wife Tiz and grandson Lion. In fact, we share about our journey through one of the most challenging seasons of our lives and how we persevered to victory in our latest book Miracles by The Moment.

Don’t be discouraged if someone you know isn’t healed yet. Be motivated. There are people in my family who need to be saved. I’m not condemned or discouraged by that; I am motivated because I know God is still working. He is not finished. 

One time at a church service the presence of God was absolutely marvelous. As we were worshipping the Lord, I began to weep from the presence of God. I knew God was doing something very, very special. In our second service, I never even got to preach. Instead, I began to call people through the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge. In one case, the Lord showed me there was a woman who had a lump on her breast and that she was not to worry because He had just healed her. 

We received a phone call a couple of days later from a woman who lived in California. As she was watching our television program, God spoke to her to come to our church that Sunday, and she would get the miracle that she’d been seeking. On Monday, she was to have her breast operated on because of cancer. She told us that before they operated, they needed to take one more X-ray. When they did, they found nothing! They x-rayed her two more times and said, “Get up and get dressed. There is no reason to operate.” Glory to God, the Great Physician worked again! 

A couple of days after that, a lady in our church who also had a lump in her breast told us that when I said God was healing that problem, the lump in her breast completely dissolved. God is still a miracle-working God! 

After the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus shed His blood, He went to the whipping post. When they tied Jesus to the whipping post, they whipped Him thirty-nine times with a whip consisting of several leather thongs, each loaded with jagged pieces of metal or bone and weighted at the end with lead. With each strike of the whip, flesh was torn and blood came out of the back of our Savior. Every single time the devil put the whip to Jesus’ back, blood was shed and we overcame one disease, two diseases, three diseases, until the point that every sickness brought on mankind was conquered by the blood of Jesus. No longer do you have to live under the curse of sickness and disease. You have been set free by the precious blood of Jesus! 

It Is Your Time to Experience God’s Victory in Your Life!

The whipping post is only one of the places that Jesus blood was shed. We would love for you to discover the full revelation of what Jesus accomplished for you through His death and resurrection. So for your First Fruits Passover offering of ANY AMOUNT, you will receive a print copy of The Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood and a printed bookmark as well.

Please know your gift will be put to great use in bringing more Jews home to Israel on Project Aliyah flightsdelivering food boxes to elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors, funding a MICU ambulance, and much more. It will be such a blessing to Israel, her people in need, and to you as well. 

 Thank you, dear friend and may God bless you richly as you dive deeper into The Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood as these truths will reveal the extent of God’s redeeming power to save, deliver and heal. From the Garden of Gethsemane and all the way to Calvary every single wound removes a curse from your life and connects you to another of God’s redemptive blessings. You can overcome every obstacle in your life through the power of His Blood. God bless you as you discover and receive all that the blood of Jesus has accomplished for you!

Larry Huch Ministries 

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