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30 day devotional by larry and tiz huch


Daily Steps to Entering Into God’s Promises, Miracles, and Unlimited Blessings

In the natural realm, we faced diagnoses, statistics, and daunting reports, to say the least. We did absolutely everything we could in the way of medical treatments and followed the directions of our incredible doctors, whom we thank God for. Above and beyond that, we chose to believe and stand on the life-changing power of our God. As Tiz says, God put His super to our natural!

Faith is not passive. Faith is active and aggressive. For our entire married life, Tiz and I have aggressively pressed into the promises of God in every sphere of our life and ministry, defeating and overcoming obstacles through the power of God. We are both determined and tenacious to fight for God’s best and not settle for what life, the world, or the enemy throws in front of us.

I want you to know that God’s Word is true and “the kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” There was no way I was going to allow these attacks to take the lives of Lion or Tiz. Everything within me would fight violently, aggressively, and consistently against this attack upon my family. I rose with righteous indignation that the enemy would dare to come against us on these levels.

Don’t Back Down – Fight!

I come from the streets and grew up a street fighter and boxer. No way was I going to back down and passively let this happen. Not on my watch! We counterattacked cancer day by day in the authority, dominion, and power of the Lord! We put our spiritual foot down and boldly declared, “Nothing but the will of God and His promises will rule and reign in the bodies of Tiz and Lion! The name of our God is above even the name of cancer and leukemia!”

I deliberately spoke out and looked for the hand of God moving. When we would go to the hospital to see Luke, Jen, and Lion, I would tell my family, “We are going to look for and see two significant miracles or breakthroughs today.” One day while I was driving up through the hospital’s packed high-level parking lot, a parking spot opened up closer to the floor Lion was on. I declared, “Praise God! Confirmation that we are one level closer to Lion going home!”

We don’t base our lives on seeing signs, but we sure will take any little signs or confirmations the Lord wants to throw our way. As we were leaving the oncology floor the day of Lion’s diagnosis, we were all feeling wiped out and spent. We kept encouraging Luke and Jen and each other with healing scriptures and affirmations such as, “God’s got this!” We were waiting at the elevator door and saw a sports magazine on a small table with a cover that read, “You Got This!” Choosing to stay in a positive faith mindset and attitude is critical when entering into God’s miracles. We did all we could to look for and expect the Lord to move!

We Win

Our hopes, dreams, and prayers were not in vain and have come to pass. Lion and Tiz are both cancer-free, whole, and healthy! Our family is experiencing life together more than ever. Without a doubt, we saw miracles that were absolutely God’s hand of supernatural healing. Our family’s healing victories were great encouragements to our medical teams, who work so endlessly hard in tough, challenging circumstances, often not seeing the victories that we have seen. Our doctors were astounded by the incredible results of both Tiz and Lion and admitted, “We did our best, and God did the rest.”

When Luke and Jen were finally able to take Lion home after living at the hospital for six months, the doctors, nurses, and specialists gave them a little send-off party of celebration. They all said, “This is such a happy day for all of us. We needed to see a win.”

The Power of Your Testimony

Our testimony of hope and healing impacted the lives of those surrounding us. A dear lady told us recently how much watching our TV show has encouraged her in her battle against cancer. As much as she loved hearing the victory reports of our progress, she said she really loved hearing and seeing how we walked out our faith in our daily lives through the healing journey. She said that although we all love and hope for instant miracles and quick resolutions to our challenges, our reality isn’t always that way. She emphasized her appreciation of the endurance of faith, positive attitudes, and victory we exemplified as we journeyed through it all. She stressed that we need to learn how to endure life’s challenges while we are contending for God’s miracles. Tiz refers to this as the “in the meantime” process. The time between the attack and the victory is the “in the meantime” process where we walk out our faith. It’s here that we see the Lord help, equip, and transform our circumstances through His miracles by the moment.

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