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30 day devotional by larry and tiz huch


Daily Steps to Entering Into God’s Promises, Miracles, and Unlimited Blessings

Perhaps you’ve experienced feeling all alone in a crowded room. It’s strange how we can be surrounded by people yet feel isolated or trapped, especially if we are in a personal crisis that no one around us knows about. Seeing everyone around you just carrying on with their normal, everyday lives can create feelings of isolation and loneliness. It feels like a movie scene where the whole world is carrying on as normal while you are completely frozen in time.
God sees you and cares about you. God may use a person to come and talk to you, or He may draw you into a time of private prayer with just the two of you exchanging your cares for His plans. Trust Him. Believe Him. He is right there with you, even now.

Praying God’s Promises

In tears, our family instinctively started to pray together. We found God’s promises were still there. Together we drew from the deep deposits of God’s Word, led by His wonderful Spirit within our souls. We could tangibly feel ourselves reaching up out of the natural realm of reports and statistics as we spoke positive words of faith. There are hundreds of promises in Scripture declaring hope, healing, and miracles. A few of the key scriptures we personalized and declared are:

1. You are the God that healeth me (Exodus 15:26).
2. You will take sickness away from the midst of me, and the number of my days you will fulfill (Exodus 23:25–26).

3. You sent Your Word and healed me and delivered me from my destructions (Psalms 107:20).

4. I shall not die, but live, and declare your works (Psalms 118:17).
5. You cause breath to enter into me, and I shall live. And you put Your Spirit in me, and I shall live (Ezekiel 37:5, 14).

Sometimes a miracle comes in the form of one enormous, instantaneous phenomenon. More often, though, a miracle comes to us in the form of many smaller miracles that add up to one giant miracle. The doctors declared Lion cancer-free on day fifty of his chemo treatment. This was an enormous breakthrough. The story didn’t end there, though. Over the remainder of his two-year treatment, many ensuing challenges were all met with miracles—big, small, and everything in between!

As much as the Lord astounded us with Lion’s miracle, we also saw him sustain Luke and Jen with daily faith, courage, strength, direction, wisdom, endurance, love, peace, and joy that transcended their circumstances. Also, Lion emerged out of nearly eight hundred days of chemo with no permanent damage to his organs or mental or physical functions. In fact, he has above-average growth and is gifted intellectually and musically, proving that God can do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20). Of course, we are all cheering for that instant miracle, but our family has grown to thank God for the continual flow of miracles by the moment!

God’s Got This!

Our family motto became “God’s got this!” We based our prayers and declarations around one of our main life verses: Romans 8:28. We prayed: “Lord, though we may not be able to understand all that is going on, we choose to trust you, and we give this all to you. We know that no matter what this looks like, what this evolves into, or how it plays out, we stand firm on your promise that all things work together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purposes. We trust You, Your Word, and Your promises. We know that you will bring good out of this. We know you will weave a beautiful tapestry out of all this chaos. We raise our voices and hearts right now to give you glory, praise, and honor. Amen.”

Sometimes when we are under attack, we can barely squeak out a little peep of a prayer, raise even a little finger in praise, or murmur a promise from God’s Word. But when we choose to trust Him and believe His promises, His Spirit and power invade us. God equips us with His Word and enables us to rise above, cope with, and conquer whatever is coming against us.

“Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4, KJV). My version of this verse is, “Greater is He who is within me than he who is chasing me or attacking me.” We can’t always understand the how, why, or wherefores, but we can always count on the promises of our God. Our God is good, loving, and all-powerful. Choose to trust Him!

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