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Providing Lifesaving Emergency Medical Care in Israel

Israel has come under siege once again by rocket attacks from the north and south as well as terrorist assaults across the entire state. Fortunately through your offerings and prayers, our partner in Israel, Magen David Adom (MDA), has been able to be on the scene in every tragic incident, treating the wounded and providing lifesaving aid.


Recently, there have been several incidents of terrorists “ramming” innocent Israelis with cars, resulting in fatalities and many injured Jews. Added to this, a number of civilians have been wounded by shrapnel from the rocket attacks, while others have been harmed by gun shots, knife stabbings, and even from Molotov cocktails thrown at Jewish houses.


Your prayers and offerings help provide the ambulances, medical equipment, and basic supplies to treat and save lives. It is through your support of Larry Huch Ministries that we can help make these rapid medical responses possible.

“Tiz and I are asking you to help us now renew our pledge of continued assistance to Israel as we fund our tenth MICU ambulance, our third defibrillator kiosk, a mobile bomb shelter, and therapeutic care for Jewish people who are terrorized by such attacks,” said Pastor Larry Huch.


Larry Huch Ministries thanks you for continuing to pray for Israel’s safety as you send your gift this month to bless Israel.

Larry Huch Ministries