Elul: A Time To Draw Near To God

This is a An Appointed Time and Your New Beginning You may or may not know that on God’s divine calendar we are well into the Hebrew month of Elul; the Lord’s special season of “teshuvah” and return. The key symbol for this season is the shofar or the trumpet. The sounding of the shofar … Read more

The Shofar – God’s Sound of Breakthrough for Your Life!

Don’t Miss God’s Appointment With You Have you ever set your phone alarm for a critical appointment the next day? It had been scheduled for months and you didn’t want to miss it. Before you turned the light off to go to sleep you probably even checked your phone to make sure the alarm was … Read more

Sounding the shofar!

What makes a person successful? What causes someone to accomplish and succeed in great things? How does a Christian overcome the attacks of the adversary? There are many principles and guidelines in the Bible we could point. God has a powerful faith-building and devil-defeating Word for every circumstance! What God has to say about the … Read more