Thousands say ‘Never Again’ at March of the Living in Poland

Pastor Larry Huch plus LHM staff attended this year’s March of the Living in Poland.
This annual event is a living remembrance of the Jewish victims of the Auschwitz— Birkenau death camp. Over 13,000 people marched in honor of the many millions of innocent lives lost during this tragic time. his annual event contrasts the death marches Jews were forced to take by Nazi soldiers who shot those who fell or who lagged behind.

Ambulances Save Lives In Israel Thanks To You

In 2022, MDA’s emergency vehicles were dispatched 13 million times. That is once every twenty-four seconds.

Their paramedics were able to treat more than 800,000 patients, assist in 983 births, and help in several mass-casualty events.

With the rise in recent terrorist attacks, MDA is on ready alert to respond if another call for emergency medical services come in.

LHM MICU Ambulances Saving Lives in Israel

For nearly a decade you, and other caring Larry Huch Ministries friends, have funded nine fully-loaded Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances as well as two defibrillator kiosks for the State of Israel.

These vehicles and medical devices have saved an untold number of lives. That includes delivering multiple babies. This little girl was delivered healthy and safely with the help of one of our MICU ambulances that you generously provided.

Rebuilding Lives

We are blessed to share the impact that your good work has had for those who desperately need your help. Compassionate LHM friends like you are making possible untold blessings to Israel and the Jewish people in many life-changing ways. With God’s help, we will continue standing strong for Israel in 2023!

For many years now, Larry Huch Ministries––thanks to your prayers and support–– has been partnering with local agencies across Israel to help suffering and needy Jews.

It is our hope that as you read this overview you feel the deep appreciation from those you help, our Israeli partners, and all of us at LHM.

Millions Show Up For 30th March For Jesus

Pastor Larry Huch joined Apostle Hernandez and Bishop Sonia Hernandez in this historic event. They were there for the annual March For Jesus, the 30th since it first began. Although event planners expected 3.5 million as in times before, the record of attendance was broken at 5 million.

Pastor Larry Receives Prestigious Award

We are honored to announce that our very own Pastor Larry Huch has been selected as the first-ever recipient of the John Henry Patterson Guardian of Zion Award! Watch Sam Grundwerg’s special video message where he shares about the man behind the award. Sam Grundwerg shared that “This award is a token of appreciation for … Read more