Millions Show Up For 30th March For Jesus

Pastor Larry Huch joined Apostle Hernandez and Bishop Sonia Hernandez in this historic event. They were there for the annual March For Jesus, the 30th since it first began. Although event planners expected 3.5 million as in times before, the record of attendance was broken at 5 million.

Pastor Larry Receives Prestigious Award

We are honored to announce that our very own Pastor Larry Huch has been selected as the first-ever recipient of the John Henry Patterson Guardian of Zion Award! Watch Sam Grundwerg’s special video message where he shares about the man behind the award. Sam Grundwerg shared that “This award is a token of appreciation for … Read more

Crisis In Ukraine

Crisis In Ukraine – Respond to the call Russia’s attack on the Ukraine has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies in recent times. In the midst of this dangerous and chaotic situation, the State of Israel has contacted us with a request. Listen as Pastor Larry shares about the crisis in the Ukraine. They … Read more

Project Aliyah Update

jews are returning to the promise land You are making a difference in the lives of Jews returning to the Promised Land, Israel.  Whether your offering large or small, your prayers and generous gifts are bringing them back to their homeland through, “Project Aliyah” flights.  You are providing airfare, immigration aid and personal care, for … Read more