Now Is The Time to Revolutionize Your Thinking About Israel

Truth and Lies – Have You Been Deceived? This season reminds me of the greatest reason to stand with Israel, Jesus our Messiah.  Sometimes we can miss Him and Who He really is. Solomon wrote in the Book of Proverbs that there is a season, “a time to every purpose under Heaven.”  That is so … Read more

Bring Light and Miracles to the World Around You Today

The Light, Love and Joy of Christmas is Yours During this holiday season we see lights everywhere.  Businesses, homes, churches, and synagogues are filled with special light.  It is a joyful time.   There is such an overflowing spirit of generosity and giving.  Most people, even though they may have had a rough year, will still … Read more

The Avot Of The Blessing

The Beginning of God’s Blessings Starts Here Have you ever heard the expression, “First things first?”  Firsts are important.  They are critical.  And they are the foundation for everything else.  That’s why it is  so important that we understand God’s firsts.  In Hebrew it is called the avos, or avot of a thing.  It is, … Read more

Why is the Shema prayer important?

Jesus prayed the Shema, which is the most important declaration in all of Judaism.  You may be wondering, What is the Shema, and why is it so important? Recited daily, in the morning and evening, it was a foundation part of a Jews time of prayer.  Here it is in the Deuteronomy, chapter 6: “Hear, O Israel: … Read more

Project Aliyah Update

jews are returning to the promise land You are making a difference in the lives of Jews returning to the Promised Land, Israel.  Whether your offering large or small, your prayers and generous gifts are bringing them back to their homeland through, “Project Aliyah” flights.  You are providing airfare, immigration aid and personal care, for … Read more

The Miraculous Blessings of First Fruits

Discover God’s Promise for You at First Fruits! God established the Fall Feasts, when we bring our third First Fruits offering, as an appointed time to activate the blessing of a miracle harvest. It’s one of the many biblical truths God wants you to know. However, as with so many things in the Bible, these truths … Read more

The Shofar – God’s Sound of Breakthrough for Your Life!

Don’t Miss God’s Appointment With You Have you ever set your phone alarm for a critical appointment the next day? It had been scheduled for months and you didn’t want to miss it. Before you turned the light off to go to sleep you probably even checked your phone to make sure the alarm was … Read more

Unlock the Mysteries of the Jewish Tallit

Unlock the Healing Mysteries of the Jewish Tallit Excerpted from “The Torah Blessing” Chapter 4 & (click here for a special offer on) Healing in His Wings by Pastor Larry Huch Do You Want to Hear What God Says About Your Miracle? Jesus is with His disciples and is teaching them what we have come to know … Read more

It’s Time for You To Be Baptized In The Holy Spirit

Living in the Awesome Power of God All the Time! Did you know that as a believer you can live in the awesome power of God all the time? You can! On the Day of Pentecost, and during the Jewish Feast of Shavuot, the believers, both Jews and Gentiles in the first Church received the baptism … Read more